About Ed Swaby Registered Architect

Ed Swaby Ed Swaby has designed renovation and new projects for residential and commercial projects. Many of projects include work in White Plains, Eastchester, New Rochelle,Scarsdale, Greenburgh, Harrison, Hartsdale, Hawthorne, Mt. Vernon, Mt. Pleasant, Peekskill, Rye, Sleep Hallow, New Castle, Mamaroneck, North Castle and Nyack.
Ed Swaby has more than 30 years of experience as a professional architect. After completing a degree from Syracuse University School of Architecture. He is a New York State Licenese Architect and worked for the New York State Code specialist for the State of New York in the Peekskill Regional Office writting variances and answering technical questions related to the building codes. He also worked for Westchester County as a building inspector and is a New York State Building Code Certified in 1996 and continues to take the Building Code course to meet the current building codes for New York State.

He is a licensed architect in New York, Connecticut, Florida,Pennsylvania, New York and a member of National Council of Architecture Review Boards (NCARB). Only ten percent of registered architects are qualified to be NCARB members. With his experience working for the state and as a building inspector. As a member of the NCARB and his experience as a building inspector provide valuable insight on your projects.

His experience as an architect and former building inspector is an asset to the clients that use his service to avoid any violations of the building codes before the filing of any permits for any projects. This avoids having to file many variances that is not acceptable with the building departmentwhen and therfore, eliminate many visits to the zoning board or building committee which can be a very frustating experience for the owner.

The permitting process for any construction projection can become an area of fustration and can be costly. An experience architect with the experience working as a building inspector is a rare but, the combination of both skills is beneficial to the before starting a project. This experience reduce the time and cost of any project because this lowers the possibility of the building plans being rejected by the buildings department or zoning board.

Mission Statement

It is important that any design look as though it had always bee there: The two approaches are to either embellish up an existing architecturl style or to completely transform the home or building. The goal is to have a delightful surprise. Creating a sense of entry is important. Unique designs are products of a practical and creative approach to problem solving.

An architect must have some technical expertise in order to create a functional and attractive design. Mr. Swaby is strong in structural design. When he was an assistant NYS Building Code Specialist and a local Assistant Building Inspector reviewing plans, he realized there was a need for architects who had structural design capabilies. Mr. Swabyis conceptual design abilities permit him to visualize, maximize space, draw attractive and interesting designs. His experience as a building codes plan reviewer gives him insight to solving zoning and building codes problems. His working drawings are comprehensive and detailed.

How THis Firm Serves Its Clients
Before a meeting, couples are asked to produce separate wish lists and not compare notes. In this manner, nobody may say their wishes were not taken into account. What may seem like an extravagance may be a drop in the bucket during a major addition or alteration. Pet peeves and desires are equally important. Clients may organize their wishes as immediate, short and long term goals or "blue sky". The more information provided, the better the client may be served.

A sealed copy of the survey is important for an architect to do a zoning analysis. For Commercial Design in addition to providing a survey, as-built drawings and other documentation are important in order to do boah a Zoning and a Building Code Analysis. The client's list of requirements will eventually become part of the 'program'.

Before starting your next project contact Ed Swaby at (914) 946-3300 or email Ed Swaby